Mel says…..

So I’m driving to work yesterday morning and I get this text from my dear friend Mel… “Today, I was taking the kids to the dentist and I passed the freeway I would take to and from the hospital to see my dad when he was dying.  I thought about how many times I was … Continue reading

On Being Nine….

So here I sit, thinking of something I’ve told very few people… I have to say it out loud now…. I have to reassure myself that we are here….finally…. My son, my little boy…the love of my life, told me when he was just two years old, in the super-casual way only two-year olds can do, “Mommy, I’m … Continue reading

Really, What Am I Doing?

One thing I have learned, over my many years of blogging, is that it is a very narrow place that lives between complaining and stating a truth…. I may as well say a truth now.   I have a huge, major, spiritual crush on Amy Ray.  It goes beyond the norm…If I can be so bold, she is … Continue reading

Do You Ever…..Wonder Why?

I’ve spent the day going through my paperwork, trying to get stuff ready to turn over to my accountant.  This is the first year I’ve panic attacks over this.  I started a small business this year, I own a home, I work two jobs, and I have kids, it all seems so fucking complicated. Makes … Continue reading

The Big Purple Ball…

Oh Holy Heaven…..why didn’t someone tell me what a wonderful thing an exercise ball is for an old woman like me….oh wait….someone did….Mary my chiropractor!!!  So anyway, back-story is I have Rhuematoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia….I hurt….like an old woman.  Pain so deep and hard it takes my breath way.  Pain pills, have become my much … Continue reading

Swallowing The Ugly Pill…..

I’m annoyed today… I have this Facebook friend. She has started a “blog”.  Here on WordPress.  I’m annoyed because she has stated some lofty goals.  I guess she thinks these are easily attainable for someone with her grand stature of having a Master’s Degree. A few months ago, I called this particular friend out, because … Continue reading


I’ve been thinking quite a bit today about what goes on in my life, in my head. Work this week sucked…absolutely hands down, fucking sucked.  I’m still here though.  I guess that is what I want to say, what I want to demand of the universe.  I AM HERE!! So back story.  I have worked … Continue reading

How Do You Grieve?

How do you grieve?  I”m heartsick, or probably more aptly, heartsad… I’ve been in tears for two days, and I’m trying to figure out why, this is hitting me as hard as it is.  Music has ALWAYS been my touchstone.  The place I run to, the place I retreat. Whitney’s gone.  I’m not sure why … Continue reading

I’ve come full circle. I promised myself, or made a “New Years Resolution” if you will, that I would start writing again. It’s funny, it feels awkward and forced. I know, that only by doing it, will it become more natural. Writing has always been the thing I do well, the thing that grounds me. … Continue reading